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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does a building owner notify OGS of a building available for lease, including such detailed information such as square footage available and rental rates?

A: Building owners are advised to periodically submit property offerings and pictures of any buildings they consider suitable for state occupancy, to:
OGS Division of Real Estate Planning
40th Floor, Corning Tower
Empire State Plaza
Albany, NY 12242
This information, once received, is provided to leasing agents assigned to the geographical area of the state and included in a computerized data bank of potential sites to lease.

Q: How does a building owner know when OGS is looking for leased space in a particular city?

A: Depending upon the time frame in which the space is needed, the Division of Real Estate Planning will identify possible sites through any or all of the following sources: (A) search its database of owner-submitted property offerings; (B) place a notice in the New York State Contract Reporter; (C) run an ad in local newspapers; (D) conduct an on-location survey of the area; and (E) post space wanted notices on the OGS website.

Q: Does OGS Division of Real Estate Planning lease space for all state agencies?

A: OGS leases space for all Executive Branch agencies with the exception of the Division of State Police, SUNY, and patient program units of the Department of Mental Hygiene.

Q: How does OGS choose which building to lease?

A: OGS will generally lease the site with the lowest cost that meets the needs of the client agency. However, as real estate is unique, other factors in addition to price, such as location, construction, parking facilities, and agency requirements, are considered when selecting a site for state occupancy.

Q: How long a lease term can a building owner expect?

A: The length of the lease is dependent upon the projected longevity of the requirement. OGS leases are normally for a term of ten years.

Q: Does the state do its own renovations in leased buildings?

A: No. State leases are normally done on a turnkey basis. The building owner is expected to provide architectural drawings based on a layout drawn by the Division of Real Estate Planning, obtain all permits, and construct the premises to OGS building specifications for leased facilities.

Q: If a building owner is renovating his building for the state, are the materials tax exempt?

A: No. As the owner is improving his own building, materials used for the project are not tax exempt.

Q: Does the state pay a deposit to hold the space or issue a letter of intent while a lease is being processed?

A: No. The state cannot make a legally binding commitment to lease space without the approval of the Office of the State Comptroller (OSC). OSC will review and approve a proposed lease only after the lease document has been fully developed and approved by the tenant agency, the landlord, OGS, the Division of the Budget, and the Attorney General.