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Rules & Regulations

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Rules & Regulations

The unofficial version of the Codes, Rules and Regulations for the New York State Office of General Services (OGS) can be found by clicking on the title to each Part identified in the below index. The index is intended to make it easier to locate the Part or Section that you may be interested in. Once you have identified the appropriate Part or Section, click on that link and you will be directed to Westlaw. The OGS regulations are contained within Title 9 (Executive) of the New York Code of Rules and Regulations.

Title 9 NYCRR - Volume A-3 - Subtitle G Office of General Services

Chapter Title
I Procurement Services Group
II Division of Land Utilization
III Division of Central Operations
IV Facilities Planning and Operation
V Design and Construction Group
VI Miscellaneous


This information is not the official version of the Official Compilation of Codes, Rules and Regulations of the State of New York (NYCRR). No representation is made as to its accuracy, nor may it be read into evidence in New York State courts. To ensure accuracy and for evidentiary purposes, reference should be made to Title 9, Subtitle G of the official NYCRR. The official NYCRR is published by West Group, 610 Opperman Drive, Eagan, MN 55123, 1-800-344-5009.